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Cockadoo.mp3 22:01:16Harry Raderman's OrchestraCock-A-Doodle-Doo - Fox Trot1922Edison Diamond Disc 51084-R1999 Turtle Service0:04:25 32M22
Trombone.mp3 0.801.03.09 23:21:09Harry Raderman's Jazz Orch.Make That Trombone Laugh1920Edison Diamond Disc 50637-L2001 Turtle Service0:03:38 32M22
The Old Oaken Bucket.mp3 0.901.03.26 00:36:49Knickerbocker QuartetThe Old Oaken Bucket1915Edison Diamond Disc 50265-L2001 Turtle Service0:04:05 32M22
Kelly.mp3 0.700.02.24 19:28:16Marguerite FarrellIf I Knock the L"Out of Kelly1916Columbia A2040-A1999 Turtle Service0:03:14 32M22
Thatdm02.mp3 0.799.10.24 21:14:54Kaplan's MelodistsThat Dixie Melody (Fox Trot)1923Edison Diamond Disc 511113-R1999 Turtle Service0:03:07 32M22
My Dawg.mp3 21:28:55Al BernardMy Dawg1923Edison Diamond Disc 51106-L2001 Turtle Service0:04:22 32M22
Moonshne.mp3 05:49:27Al Bernard & Ernest Hare...Moon Shines on...Moonshine1920Edison Diamond Disc 50672-L2000 Turtle Service0:04:10 32M22
Kidclver.mp3 0.700.07.20 05:33:06Arthur Collins & Byron HarlanThe Kid is Clever1916Victor 18014-B2000 Turtle Service0:03:06 32M22
Dxemedly.mp3 0.900.07.26 12:34:48Fred Van Eps on banjoDixie Medley1914Edison Diamond Disc 50195-L2000 Turtle Service0:04:07 32M22
31street.mp3 0.999.10.05 22:31:58Al Bernard & Frank Kamplain31st Street Blues1924Edison Diamond Disc 51271-R1999 Turtle Service0:04:07 32M22
Dardanella.mp3 0.801.03.11 19:51:56Harry Raderman's Jazz Orch.Dardenella - Fox Trot1920Edison Diamond Disc 50637-R2001 Turtle Service0:03:25 32M22
Take Me To The Land Of Jazz.mp3 0.901.03.18 14:23:28Bert HarveyTake Me to the Land of Jazz1919Edison Diamond Disc 50583-L2001 Turtle Service0:03:48 32M22
Lookslvr.mp3 0.900.07.25 11:21:38Betsy L.Shepherd & Lewis JamesLook for the Silver Lining1921Edison Diamond Disc 50741-L2000 Turtle Service0:03:56 32M22
Ohjoe.mp3 0.800.07.20 05:28:48Al Bernard & Frank KamplainOh, Joe (Please don't go)1920Edison Diamond Disc 50672-R2000 Turtle Service0:03:39 32M22
Broken-Hearted Blues.mp3 03:04:20Al BernardBroken-Hearted Blues1922Edison Diamond Disc 50962-L2001 Turtle Service0:04:15 32M22
Any Rags.mp3 0.901.03.25 12:39:09Arthur CollinsAny Rags1913Edison Diamond Disc 50100-R2001 Turtle Service0:03:57 32M22
Redhotmama.mp3 0.901.03.14 23:56:10Georgia MelodiansRed Hot Mama - Fox Trot1024Edioson Diamond Disc 51394-R2001 Turtle Service0:03:54 32M22
Dixie Is Dixie Once More.mp3 0.901.03.18 14:11:23Premier QuartetDixie is Dixie Once More1919Edison Diamond Disc 50583-R2001 Turtle Service0:04:07 32M22
Farmyard Medley.mp3 00:30:44Premier Quartet w Billy MurrayFarmyard Medley1918Ediosn Diamond Disc 50485-L2001 Turtle Service0:04:12 32M22
Cotton Blossom Time.mp3 18:33:01Arthur Collins & Byron HarlanCotton Blossom Time1915Edison Diamond Disc 50236-L2001 Turtle Service0:04:22 32M22
Bananas.mp3 0.700.07.18 00:35:52Yerkes Novelty Five/Arthr HallYes! We Have No Bananas1923Grey Gull 1166A2000 Turtle Service0:03:19 32M22
Lastnite.mp3 0.800.07.26 10:04:52Green Brothers Novelty BandLast Night on the Back Porch1923Edison Diamond Disc 51212-R2000 Turtle Service0:03:36 32M22
Fidohotd.mp3 0.601.01.07 19:42:02Billy MurrayFido Is A Hot Dog Now1914Victor 17620-B2001 Turtle Service0:02:38 32M22
Ohgeesay.mp3 0.801.01.07 19:37:23Billy MurrrayOh Gee! Say Gee!...From Figi..1921Victor 18712-A2001 Turtle Service0:03:22 32M22
In The Little Red School House.mp3 0.901.03.27 20:05:35Billy Jones & Ernest HareIn...Little Red School House1922Edison Diamond Disc 50962-R2001 Turtle Service0:03:52 32M22
Littlefrd.mp3 0.700.02.24 18:35:54Billy Murray...Little Ford Rambled...Along1915Victor 17755-A2000 Turtle Service0:03:14 32M22
Nitefrog.mp3 0.800.03.22 14:34:20W. Moor & B. KohonThe Nightingale and the Frog1918Edison Diamond Disc 50487-L2000 Turtle Service0:03:41 32M22
Mecuckoo.mp3 0.800.03.22 14:14:01Kaplan's MelodistsYou've Simply Got Me Cuckoo1923Edison Diamond Disc 51260-L2000 Turtle Service0:03:28 32M22
Tellme.mp3 0.899.10.24 21:19:34Kaplan's MelodistsTell Me A Story (Fox Trot)1923Edison Diamond Disc 51203-R1999 Turtle Service0:03:20 32M22
Jennie.mp3 0.900.07.26 12:11:33Steven's QuartetJennie1923Edison Diamond Disc 51113-L2000 Turtle Service0:03:46 32M22
Whensun.mp3 0.800.12.17 20:28:46Kaplan's MelodistsWhen Will The Sun Shine For Me1923Edison Diamond Disc 51060-R2000 Turtle Service0:03:35 32M22
Swbutter.mp3 0.800.07.20 05:38:14Kaplans's MelodistSweet Butter1923Edison Diamond Disc 51260-R2000 Turtle Service0:03:24 32M22
Im Going To Follow The Boys.mp3 0.701.03.22 18:49:17Rachael Grant & Billy MurrayI'm Going To Follow The Boys1918Edison Diamond Disc 50474-R2001 Turtle Service0:02:59 32M22
Silentnt.mp3 0.900.12.14 21:36:22E Spener,J Young,V ArchibaldSilent Night1921Edison Diamond Disc 80643-L2000 Turtle Service0:03:58 32M22
Machree.mp3 0.700.03.17 06:06:41Charles HarrisonMother Machree1928Edison Diamond Disc 52262-R2000 Turtle Service0:03:06 32M22
The Dixie Volunteers.mp3 0.801.03.22 18:45:13Premier QuartetThe Dixie Volunteers1918Edison Diamond Disc 50474-L2001 Turtle Service0:03:30 32M22
Lonesomemamablues.mp3 0.701.03.15 00:35:49Fred Van Eps - Banjo soloLonesome Mama Blues1922Edison Diamond Disc 51089-R2001 Turtle Service0:03:16 32M22
Clockstr.mp3 14:27:12Sedero's BandIn the Clock Store1919Edison Diamond Disc 50487-R2000 Turtle Service0:04:17 32M22
The Young Rajah.mp3 0.801.03.26 00:24:17Kaplan's MelodisitsThe Young Rajah1923Ediosn Diamond Disc 51084-L2001 Turtle Service0:03:42 32M22
Bluejean.mp3 0.899.10.05 21:55:06Premier QuartetBlue Jeans1921Edison Diamond Disc 50771-R1999 Turtle Service0:03:23 32M22
Dearirsh.mp3 0.701.03.08 21:17:47George McFaddenDear..Irish Songs..Mother Sang1922Edison Diamond Disc 50947-R2001 Turtle Service0:03:11 32M22
Insect Powder Agent.mp3 18:39:55Billy Golden & James MarlowInsect Powder Agent1915Edison Diamond Disc 50236-R2001 Turtle Service0:04:38 32M22
Inoldtwn.mp3 0.999.10.05 22:50:05Billy Jones w. mixed voicesIn The Old Town Hall1921Edison Diamond Disc 50841-R1999 Turtle Service0:03:52 32M22
Sun-Kist Rose.mp3 0.801.03.22 18:54:25Kaplan's MelodistsSun-Kist Rose1923Edison Diamond Disc 51150-R2001 Turtle Service0:03:40 32M22
Charleymyboy.mp3 0.901.03.15 00:28:37Georgia MelodiansCharley My Boy - Fox Trot1924Edison Diamond Disc 51394-L2001 Turtle Service0:03:50 32M22
Ifiknewu.mp3 0.800.12.17 21:01:49Kaplan's MelodistsIf I Knew You Then As I Know..1923Edison Diamond Disc 51252-R2000 Turtle Service0:03:24 32M22
Whatshry.mp3 0.900.07.20 05:23:25Kaplan's MelodistsWhat's Your Hurry?1923Edison Diamond Disc 51060-L2000 Turtle Service0:03:52 32M22
Wearinof.mp3 0.900.07.26 13:11:50Wlater Scanlon w. Mixed ChorusWearing of the Green1923Edison Diamond Disc 51115-L2000 Turtle Service0:04:02 32M22
Down By The Old Apple Tree.mp3 0.901.03.23 21:37:12Billy Jones & Ernest HareDown By The Old Apple Tree1923Edison Diamond Disc 51106-R2001 Turtle Service0:03:52 32M22
Peggyoneill-edd50792.mp3 0.901.03.12 21:27:18Billy Jones w. male chorusPeggy O'Neill1921Edison Diamond Disc 50792-R2001 Turtle Service0:03:57 32M22
The Chautauqua At Punkin Center.mp3 15:51:47Cal Stewart (Uncle Josh)...Chautauqua At Punkin Center1921Edison Diamond Disc 50844-R2001 Turtle Service0:04:30 32M22
Second Hand Rose.mp3 0.901.04.12 20:30:08Broadway Dance OrchestraSecond Hand Rose1921Edison Diamond Disc 50832-L2001 Turtle Service0:04:05 32M22
Mymammy.mp3 0.700.03.22 14:41:08Premier QuartetMy Mammy1921Edison Diamond Disc 50741-R2000 Turtle Service0:03:17 32M22
Midnight.mp3 0.800.07.20 05:43:11Premier QuartetDown In Midnight Town1921Edison Diamond Disc 50897-R2000 Turtle Service0:03:20 32M22
LAUGHING GIRL HAS HER PICTURE TOOK.m 0.601.03.21 15:56:19Ethel C. OlsonLaughing Girl Has.Picture Took1921Edison Diamond Disc 50855-L2001 Turtle Service0:02:36 32M22
Hedhave.mp3 0.899.10.05 22:05:49Billy MurrayHe'd have to Get Under.....1914Victor 17491-A1999 Turtle Service0:03:20 32M22
Girliemv.mp3 0.600.03.22 14:19:08Billy MurrayTake Your Girlie to the Movies1919Victor 18592-A2000 Turtle Service0:02:46 32M22
Downu-17.mp3 0.599.10.05 22:44:46Billy MurrayDown In The U-171916Victor 17959-A1999 Turtle Service0:02:20 32M22
Somesund.mp3 0.700.07.20 15:48:57Ada Jones & Billy MurraySome Sunday Morning1918Victor 18393-B2000 Turtle Service0:03:00 32M22
Movieshw.mp3 0.700.02.24 18:31:08Peerless Quartet...Mother Goes to Movie Shows1916Victor 17959-B2000 Turtle Service0:03:14 32M22
Wilhelm.mp3 0.699.10.05 22:17:05Ada JonesWilhelm The Grocer1914Victor 17491-B1999 Turtle Service0:02:35 32M22
Homeagan.mp3 0.699.10.05 22:13:30Aileen StanleyHome Again Blues1921Victor18760-B1999 Turtle Service0:02:45 32M22
He'd Have To Get Under.mp3 0.803.08.06 00:52:37Billy MurrayHe'd have to Get Under.....1914Victor 17491-A1999 Turtle Service0:03:20 32M22
Littlefrd[1].mp3 0.703.08.06 00:52:57Billy Murray...Little Ford Rambled...Along1915Victor 17755-A2000 Turtle Service0:03:14 32M22
Littlefrd[1].mp3 0.703.08.06 00:52:57Billy Murray...Little Ford Rambled...Along1915Victor 17755-A2000 Turtle Service0:03:14 32M22
Knockwd.mp3 0.700.07.17 17:48:32Majestic Dance Orch/Bob ThomasKnock Wood And Whistle1923Grey Gull 1166B2000 Turtle Service0:03:00 32M22
He'd Have To Get Under.mp3 0.803.08.06 00:52:37Billy MurrayHe'd have to Get Under.....1914Victor 17491-A1999 Turtle Service0:03:20 32M22
Thevband.mp3 0.899.10.05 22:55:08American Regimental BandThe Village Band1918Path 29217B1999 Turtle Service0:03:41 32M22
Billy.mp3 0.704.03.21 16:17:23American Quartet w. B. MurrayBilly (She Always Dreams of..)1911Victor 16965A1999 Turtle Service0:03:11 32M22
Kathleen Source.mp3 0.901.03.21 05:28:43Kaplan's Melodists/V. DalhartI'll Take..Home Again Kathleen1926Remastering Source Example2001 Turtle Service0:04:08 32M22
I'll Take You Home Again 0.901.03.21 05:22:24Kaplan's Melodists/V. DalhartI'll Take..Home Again Kathleen1926Subpar Remastereing Example2001 Turtle Service0:04:08 32M22
Clockstr.mp3 14:27:12Sedero's BandIn the Clock Store1919Edison Diamond Disc 50487-R2000 Turtle Service0:04:17 32M22

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